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Non-Medical Support

Non-Medical Support

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I will help make sense of a situation, discussing options, and aiding in difficult conversations. I'll help you interview care homes, in-home care agencies and hospices to help determine where you / your loved one wishes to go when the time comes. I also provide practical support around the home, relieving the burden placed on primary caregivers.


Non-Medical Support

* 5 x 2 hour appointments

* Accompanying doctor’s visits: acting as a witness, a guide, observing, taking notes, helping you make sense of your situation, discussing options.

* Facilitate family meetings: aiding in difficult conversations.

* Interviewing home health agencies, rehab centres, home care and hospice agencies. Determine where you / your loved one want to go when the time comes (if not at home).

* In home support: relieving primary caregivers, helping around the home, light housework, meal prep, organising / donating items, etc.

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