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End of Life Care - Hourly

I understand money can be a sensitive topic in relation to such an emotional set of circumstances, but I am certain the support I offer will ensure the best possible experience for you / your loved one at end of life.  Every client is different and has unique needs and wishes; I typically put together a package price based on what your goals are for care.  If you're not sure how much support you require right now, we can start off with a simple hourly rate.

The list below is an overview, but not limited to what can be provided.

Non-Medical Support 

  • Accompanying doctor’s visits:  acting as a witness, a guide, observing, taking notes, helping you make sense of your situation, discussing options.

  • Facilitate family meetings:  aiding in difficult conversations.

  • Interviewing home health agencies, rehab centres, home care and hospice agencies.  Determine where you / your loved one want to go when the time comes (if not at home).

  • In home support:  relieving primary caregivers, helping around the home, light housework, meal prep, organising / donating items, etc.

Legacy Planning 

  • Facilitate a life review. Help you / your loved one decide if you want to reconnect or make amends with those that are not currently in your life. 

  • Writing letters to children / loved ones and documenting memories. 

  • Remembrances and review of life history including photos, videos, books, and photo albums.

  • Assist you / your loved one with discussion of options and planning funeral, memorial services, obituaries, eulogies, and who is involved.

Support at End of Life

  • Accompany you / your loved one in the active dying phase.

  • Make suggestions to your family when you may need more medication and when to call the hospice nurse.

  • Sets a sacred space for you and your family rooted in you or your loved ones wishes.

  • Help make everyone feel more comfortable and ensure family members are prioritising their well-being.

  • Prioritise dignity and integrity throughout the process.

  • Provide round-the-clock support if needed (with doula network support)

  • Vigilling rates at 50% 

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