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About Me

Hi, I'm Sabrina, an End of Life Doula. 

I approach death holistically, helping support choices at end of life and giving you or your loved one more control over care. I offer practical and personal help at home, lifting some of the burden of responsibility that lies on the shoulders of primary caregivers.  I work with you to create a personalised end of life care plan, gently guiding you through what might feel like an overwhelming time.  

Sometimes a single session will give you what you need.  In other situations, we might work together for a few weeks or months. We follow what feels right for you. Above all else, I am a calm and loving presence who will walk alongside you on your journey.  

I love this work and would be honoured to support you.  

Sabrina Singh
End of Life Doula


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Free Consultation

I offer a free introductory session, designed to help us get to know each other, and see if I am the right fit for you / your loved one.  It will help me understand your needs and how I might be best placed to serve you.  I look forward to chatting with you!


Non Medical Support

I provide practical support around the home, relieving the burden placed on primary caregivers. I help make sense of situations, discussing options, and aiding in difficult conversations with loved ones. I'll help interview care homes, in-home care agencies and hospices to help determine where you / your loved one wishes to go when the time comes.


Advance Care Planning

I will help you build an end of life care plan that is rooted in your unique wishes.  Death and dying are not something that we like to talk about; the care plan is built to help guide and support the dying and their families, and ensures their wishes are at the forefront of every decision.


Legacy Planning

I seek to help those reaching their end of life, and their loved ones to find light and meaning during this delicate time. In practical terms there are ways of doing this by assisting in legacy planning and facilitating life reviews which have been proven to restore a sense of optimism, improve a person's well being and satisfaction with how they've lived their lives.


Support at End of Life

I provide companionship and vigil presence for those actively dying.  I'll help make everyone feel more grounded and ensure caregivers are prioritising their well-being.


Working Through Fear

Fear, anxiety and uncertainty are natural feelings when it comes to death and dying, but there are ways to alleviate these feelings.  If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed by the idea of losing their parents, partner, children, or coming to terms with their own mortality, I can help.


When I was caring for my mum-in-law at home and she had just days to live, Sabrina's kindness, compassion and care was just what I needed. Sabrina's lovely comforting words meant so much and when the time came for my mum-in-law to die, I didn’t feel alone or scared because I knew she was supporting me and sending me the strength I needed. Thank you won’t ever seem enough, but thank you for being there.



Kingston Upon Thames

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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